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Carte Adaptateur USB Audio pour Raspberry Pi - Adafruit


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  • Adafruit Part Number: 1475
  • Stock Type: Raspberry Pi >> Accessories >> Cables
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Description complète :

The Raspberry Pi has an on-board audio jack, which is super handy for all kinds of speech and sound effects, just plug and go ! However, for better audio when you want for a music playback, USB audio card can greatly improve the sound quality and volume That 's because the on-board audio is generated by a PWM output and is minimally filtered. don't get us wrong, it 's a great thing to have on board audio USB audio card but This will make it even better. we like This particular dongle for not being too bulky, you can plug it in secondary without blocking the USB port; it is it also works great with a Raspberry Pi once the firmware has been updated on the Pi. we 've successfully tested it with Raspbian, but we don't have tutorials for any other Bone'Clip s. we do recommend it if you need This device input. Mic also works great with Windows machines and should also function for Macs, but we are carrying it specifically for Pi use.